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Step Into Spring

Hi all you food lovers! Chef Mark here. As we approach the Springtime, it is important for all us who love food to stay true to our resolutions to continue eating healthy and push ourselves to exercise. This takes a firm commitment to discipline and a positive outlook (even though we sometimes do not see results right away). I am committed to my exercise regimen of daily walking and using a push a cart on the golf course. Every time I play golf, I am burning around 3000 calories, and logging 16,000 steps-I love it! My discipline around my diet is delivering results that I am proud of! My food focus is on seafood, lean cuts of beef, poultry with lots of fresh fruits & veggies, all of which are extremely heart healthy and low in saturated fat & cholesterol! So, my advice is to stay focused & disciplined, and you too can enjoy a much more productive, & healthy lifestyle! Stay strong my friends!

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