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Your Private Chef

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

As a Chef, staying informed & up-to-date on food trends and updated recipe ideas can be daunting. That is why, as a Chef, I stay true to the quality of the ingredients, and NOT microgreens, tweezers, or plate sauce "splatter". Call me old school, but it is how the final dish TASTES is what matters, not how "cool" it looks. I have experienced food that looks like art on the plate, but tastes like total shit. Conversely, I have had dishes that were artfully prepared and tasted amazing! I understand that food will evolve, and Chef's are looking to make a name for themselves, but let's' not do that at the expense of the food itself. Love him, or hate him, Anthony Bourdain had it correct all along. I miss his wit & and his truth to food & ingredients! What are your thoughts?


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