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Chef Alejandro Rodriquez

Chef Alejandro was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He has always been passionate about people and food. He attended culinary school in Spain and worked in the hospitality industry for
several years. Alejandro moved to San Antonio 27 years ago and now enjoys sharing the beauty of Spanish cuisine, through his culinary talents. He has expanded his culinary education and
experience in Texas. He graduated from St. Philip’s College with an associate degree in Cuilinary Arts. Later, at the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and
Restaurant management. Currently works as a supervisor and culinary advisor at H-E-B.Alejandro is a family man and enjoys traveling with his wife Cecilia and his daughter Sofia.
Always excited to meet more people and find new culinary experiences.


"Chef Alejandro created an authentic Paella experience for me & my guests, truly amazing food!"


Chef Mark Powers

chef for hire
  • BA Psychology, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi TX

  • AOS Culinary Arts, New England Culinary Institute, Burlington VT

  • Rounds Chef, Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, Seattle WA

  • Grill Chef, Sanford Restaurant, Milwaukee WI

  • Executive Kitchen Manager, Joes Crab Shack, Austin TX

  • Executive Chef, Macaroni Grill, Austin TX

  • Cooking Connection Manager, HEB Grocery Co., Austin TX

  • Regional Merchant, HEB Grocery Co., San Antonio TX

  • WSET Certification II

  • HEB Culinary Certification III

Chef Kathy

Chef Kathy Boggs-Aikens
(Italian Chef San Antonio)

Chef Kathy Aikens began her career in the culinary industry after completing her training in culinary school in Portland Oregon primarily concentrating on Italian and French cuisine. Shortly after completing her training, she opened Royal Crumb Catering and catered to many Washington Wineries, weddings and private gatherings. 

With a passion of owning her own business she opened Pasta Gigi's Italian Bistro in Washington State serving authentic Italian cuisine for many years.

Born and raised in Texas after living in Alaska for 14 years and Washington State for 17 years Kathy along with her family moved back to her home state of Texas.

Sharing her passion for creative dinning with detailed presentation she takes pride in every dish she creates.

chef for hire

"If you are searching for an Italian dinner for your guests, look no further than Chef Kathy for that feel of the Italian countryside!"

Chef Nick Elkins
(Austin, TX Chef)

chef for hire Austin, TX

"Chef Nick did an outstanding job creating our Hatch Chili dinner, it was such an amazing experience-we will have him back again!"

Chef Nick Elkins, a native of Austin, Texas, and raised in the flavorsome landscape of New Mexico, developed his culinary prowess under the guidance of his mother and grandmother. His passion for Southwestern cuisine flourished through their teachings, inspiring him to pursue formal culinary education. Elkins honed his skills through the institution's rigorous curriculum. Today, he captivates diners with his masterful blend of traditional techniques and innovative twists, showcasing the vibrant and diverse flavors of the Southwest on every plate.


Chef Ben Kiddy

(Houston area BBQ Specialty)

Chef Ben was born, and raised, in South Houston. His love for food began as a teenager working alongside his parents in their BBQ restaurant, not only did he learn professional people skills, but was very fortunate to learn more about food and flavor from his mother who is from the Rio Grande Valley.  She brought the Chiles and spices to the table while his father, from Mississippi, brought the southern comfort food knowledge. Together they cooked some amazing dishes for their family, friends and anyone that may have needed a meal. This is where Chef Ben’s love for feeding people really began to flourish, and he began to understand that food is more than just cooking- it's a labor of love, and he works tirelessly to show that love as often as he can. Chef Ben graduated from culinary school and worked his way through a vigorous career in food service, customer service and hospitality. Chef Ben now resides in Clear Lake Texas with his wife, Twila and her children all while running his own catering business that services both large and small parties. Whether you seek a formal dining option or his first food love- Texas BBQ,  Chef Ben Kiddy is here to make his presence known with Texas sized flavor & Texas sized hospitality!

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